Inspiring and enabling people and companies in times of change.

Personal change: 1:1 and team coaching 

I know the self-generated pressure to perform, as well as what it takes to put together a strong team that rises to the expectations of the customer all too well. In addition to managing day-to-day business, executives are expected to make on-going improvements to their organizations and own leadership, whilst setting an example for their teams. In reality, due to the increased speed of our (business) world, the time for self-reflection and feedback loops which is so vital in change processes, is often very limited...

With over 13 years of experience as a management consultant and coach for executives and company owners in complex change processes, I am at your side as a multi-faceted sparring partner. I work with the needs of founders, owners, investors, managers and individual team members. As a consultant and coach in complex change processes, I not only know the dynamics of teams, with their different individuals, attitudes and expectations in change and communication, but also know how to channel them. 

You can book my services in one-on-one or group settings: 

  • Coaching of teams, conflict coaching in teams, support of re-organization and transformation processes
  • Success coaching for managers and project leaders in an individual context (executive coaching) 

Change in organizations: organizational development 

Accompanying organizations through change requires a holistic approach which takes into account the entire corporate/company system as well as its market environment. Company culture, values and experiences need to be respected, relevant stakeholders need to be involved.  In this way, those affected by the change become active participants - which is crucial in successful change initiatives.
Small steps and amendments can often suffice. Sometimes, however, significantly more complex organizational changes are unavoidable.

In the area of ​​organizational development, I rely primarily on my international consulting experience in the optimization of structural and process organization as well as my work in strategic interim management. Coupled with impulses from systemic organizational development, I specifically address the individual needs of your organization and your employees.

My focus areas are:

  • Individual consulting approaches suitable for your organization
  • Moderation and facilitation of change workshops, strategy, vision and management off-sites

Change of generations: company succession

Company succession, either between partners/owners or within family generations, is a significant milestone in the vita of companies and their entrepreneurs. The emotions, needs and visions of all those involved can and must play a special role in the generational change process. The focus on the desired result - being that of a successful handover - is always be kept in mind.

My focus in this process is holistic: on those handing over, those taking over and the company's employees alike. 

My focus areas are:

  • Moderation and facilitation of  succession processes
  • Coaching of individual parties, such as succesors

Recieve support in German, English, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian or French.  

Coaching and organization development focused in Upper Austria, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich and Eastern Europe/internationally.  


Owner and CEO of a medium-sized trading and retail group

"I have been working with Vesta on various strategic and change management projects for over seven years. She is a very competent consultant with strong managerial and analytical skills. I really appreciate that she is very structured and goal-oriented, yet open and flexible".

Manager of an international production group

"I can very much rely on Vesta Popova. I do not a only appreciate her competence and expertise, but also her charm and humor even when faced with challenges. She has a very good feeling for her counterpart and knows how to direct moods (also in groups) very well."

"Favorable winds can only be used by those who know where they want to go." - Oscar Wilde