Owner and CEO of a medium-sized trading and retail group

"I have been working with Vesta on various strategic and change management projects for over seven years. She is a very competent consultant with strong managerial and analytical skills. I really appreciate that she is very structured and goal-oriented, yet open and flexible".

Manager of an international production group

"I can very much rely on Vesta Popova. I do not only appreciate her competence and expertise, but also her charm and humor even when faced with challenges. She has a very good feeling for her counterpart and knows how to direct moods (in groups) very well." 

Managing director of a manufacturing company

"Vesta Popova works very holistically and analytically, even in very complex situations, while taking into account the emotions of the team. Constructive, curious, always at the right altitude - that's how I got to know and appreciate Vesta and her work-style."

Independent entrepreneur in an international environment

I experienced Vesta as very professional, correct, clear, goal-oriented and uncomplicated in our cooperation. She is not only a good listener, which is very handy in her work, but also a person who knows how to get to the heart of the matter adequately and honestly."