Vesta Popova


By the time I had graduated from university, I had lived and studied in four different countries already (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland). I was able to hide the fact that I was a foreigner - thanks to my talent for languages. But from the youthful "wanting to belong" quite a strength has emerged - to playfully and intuitively handle the unknown - people, situations and cultures. Change has long become simply a part of me.

Every company speaks its own language, has its own culture and deals with change individually. As a consultant, coach and mediator, I celebrate exactly that: the opportunity to continuedly immerse myself in new cultures and cause positive irritation. Being the initial spark for change, developing solutions together with the team and bringing change into the organization inspires and motivates me.


I have been working in management consulting for over 13 years, and have been a freelance management consultant and coach since 2014. My clients are international corporations as well as small and medium-sized family businesses.

In consulting, I have lead the strategic re-orientation of companies in the FMCG sector (trade, manufacturing industry) together with their owners and top management. I have also accompanied structural and process organization adjustments in accordance with the corporate strategy with my customers and worked as an interims-manager as well.

In coaching, I have been focused on supporting executives in personal and organizational change processes. 

I like to deal with new situations like with new languages: intuitively, playfully and with humor. "Mistakes" are there, so we can learn from them. 


I cannot imagine life without on-going education. In addition to my university degrees in business, I have completed training and further education, such as:

  • the Neuwaldegger Curriculum for systemic organizational development
  • Team coaching/Team development
  • Conflict coaching (1:1 and in teams)
  • Coaching in times of crises
  • Horse-assisted coach and trainer

At the moment I am finishing up my certification in mediation.


Feedback, exchange and impulses from/with valuable people are a priority for me. That's why, wherever possible, I cooperate with colleagues from my network who complement me (also in an international context).

I find balance in nature: on the mountain, on my mountain bike, with my horse. I not only appreciate the fresh air, but also the challenge and the opportunity to playfully look at life from different perspectives.


Loyalty, humor even in difficult situations, flexibility despite a good structure and clarity in communication (some would also call it "directness") are important to me. Trust and confidentiality are a matter of course.